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Community And Police Team Up To Record Evidence

The Upland Borough Police Department endeavors to enhance public safety in our community with the implementation of a new program called C.A.P.T.U.R.E. (Community And Police Team Up to Record Evidence). Residents and businesses are being asked to voluntarily register exterior surveillance cameras with the police department for the purpose of deterring crime and assisting in our overall crime fighting strategy. Programs like C.A.P.T.U.R.E. are relatively new. The basic point of this program is to enlist the general public, homes and business alike, to register with the police department if they have a security camera system. Think of it as the neighborhood watch of the 21st century where your cameras lookout for not only your property but for your neighbors as well, without you actually spending any time or effort.

Registrant information is kept confidential. The cameras and what they capture are yours and yours alone. Registering your system says that you are willing to help assist your police in the event that an incident is CAPTURED near your home or business. It does not involve giving the police the ability to freely access your cameras, claim ownership, or dictate the camera system’s function. This is simply a database that will allow a police department to see who might have captured footage related to a crime. Based on the location of the incident, if the PD believes a nearby camera might have captured something of interest, the police can then request the owner if he/she would provide security video from that date and time of the incident. Most importantly, it expedites the retrieval of video evidence that can help in an investigation without having to canvass the nearby areas for cameras. Time is key in apprehending criminals.

The owner of the security system is not obligated to provide anything. By voluntarily registering with the local Police Department, you are implying that you are willing to help.

We expect that by volunteering for this program, that citizens are willing to share their footage when appropriate. You can also withdraw from these programs at any time that you choose.